Rural queer neighborhoods, asking for feedback 

As a new rural queer home/space project, from some time ago we are wondering about the creation of a bigger rural queer community or neighborhood for like-minded queer people .

As a starting point, let's say there's a broad rural area with lots of cheaper houses (many in need of deep renovation, but some livable), land (for container homes/caravans), etc, and possibly some options other than buying. There's several queer projects, somewhat disperse but within same day driving distance. Not a lot of queer people, but a few of them committed to rural queer activism.

What we'd like is to help to facilitate networking for queer people interested in moving to rural/country homes who would like to know they would have queer neighbors or a network to be part of when they move.

At this point this is an idea we are brainstorming about, considering the logistics of doing such a project in a safe manner and how we'd go about it. So we'd love some feedback. What would you like to see in such an initiative?

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