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Vila Liberdade is a house project located in a village in Galiza (north-west Iberian Peninsule).

We intend to provide a safe space for queer travellers and locals to retreat, enjoy rural life and create art.

The project is still in development, the house is inhabited and the art work spaces are partly usable, but more improvements are due in the next months.

Every queer person is welcomed, this is a safe space for people of any gender or orientation (including every non binary gender, a-spec, pan people, etc) and sex workers.

Both permanent inhabitants and our closer local network are queer white people of diverse genders/orientations/abilities/neurostatus.

We acknowledge our privileges and encourage all queer comrades, specially racialised comrades, to call us in/out whenever we are doing anything oppressive or being ignorant/unaware in any way of how our privileges affect you.

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