Hi, I'm not really sure who exactly I should be contacting, so I'll just mention @Satsuma and @ryliejamesthomas@mastodon.social, since you have posted on the discussion page for the article,

it's about the following page:


The emojos with pride flags were made by me (such as :placa_abro: and :placa_aegossexual:), but emojos such as :placa_ace:, :placa_cadeirante: and :placa_brilho: are part of Mutant Standard, having similar codes because I uploaded them separately (placa means sign).

@Satsuma @ryliejamesthomas@mastodon.social

I don't have a separate page to show what is mine and what isn't, so I think it would be safer to just credit me with the pride flag signs for now (I also made other signs, such as :baby_queer: and :me:; but most of those don't have "placa" on their codes)

And if this is too hard, I would suggest getting pride sets that don't mix my emojos with others' instead, such as alien_ and pixela_


cc @pineapple even if this has been done already lol

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@tath @ryliejamesthomas @pineapple

thanks for letting me know! I’ll take a look & try to fix the credits as soon as I can

(rylie and pineapple, that’ll probably be Friday or Saturday as I’m in the middle of the dreaded Week of All Birthdays, so if one of you has time sooner, that’d be great

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