years of community building yet no real world use found for a memes channel

wanted to create a collaborative knowledge database anyway, for a laugh? we had something for that it was called a WIKI

these are REAL discords created by REAL developers

they have played us for absolute fools

@artemis I'll stop making Discords when people stop hosting their Wikis on freaking Wikia/"Fandom"

@octonine @OchotonidKnight Aside from the obnoxious ads and outdated mediawiki software and such, the problems run way deeper

They have become an actively hostile company. If you ever decide you want to move off their platform, there is not a great way to do it. If you leave the wiki dormant, they will out-SEO you and attract new folks over that way. If you try to delete the wiki or point people to a new off-site wiki, they will perform a hostile takeover of your wiki, remove all your admins, and administrate it themselves.

When blaseball moved of wikia it took, i wish i was making this up, a months long plot with lots of secrecy just to pull it off properly. And even then there was a bunch of ways it could have gone wrong along the way

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