so if I'm reading this correctly, Mozilla fired 250 people and then framed it as "combating a lethal virus and battling systemic racism"

as though laying off 250 people is gonna save us from plague?? or help.. anyone? I'm so confused.

this entire blog reads like bonkerballs

firing hundreds of people during a plague should not result in the garbage I just read

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help i can't stop reading horrible copy from Mozilla

from the Mozilla Builders Twitter account: "Sad news out of Mozilla today as we say bye to 250 amazing colleagues. More than ever the work of the members of Mozilla Builders is critical to the future of the internet. We want to thank our community for building and know that our support continues!"

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Mozilla Builders - Who We Fund ( : "While we will encourage creative not-for-profit projects to apply and support them, we are mostly looking for a new generation of consumer and deep-tech platforms. Our Startup Studio in particular will strongly favor for-profit startups."

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their whole site is just about giving money to startups

what a fucking backwards-ass bullshit way to pretend you are "helping" people

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from the blog: "New focus on economics. Recognizing that the old model where everything was free has consequences...We must learn and expand different ways to support ourselves and build a business that isn’t what we see today."

Can't profit while paying people lol let's fire 1/4 of the company.

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Falando mal da Mozilla 

Lb: Mozilla é merda.

Não precisa disso pra ver, é só ver todas as decisões merda que tomam pro navegador, mudando uns negócio nada a ver, forçando função que pessoas não querem e etc.

Qual o ponto de usar um software FOSS se é gerido por uma empresa assim?

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