Starting on the (dot)social server is a very twitter experience, I think, but it’s also too big to be well moderated. As such I recommend switching to another server once you feel comfy doing so.

You can migrate your existing account without losing anything, or just make a new one.

You can visit any server’s landing page by putting everything after someone’s username into your browser, or you can pick from this very non-exhaustive list here:


So, who am I?
Read my profile biography above and you'll have a good idea.

But why create multiple accounts, one in each instance?
Because I like to see the local feed. I'm yet starting to get this Mastodon thing, and maybe I'm doing something not in the right of better way. If I'm disturbing you or the instance's rules by acting this way, please let me know.

So, what is my real account?
My account where I follow and post is here, @amanda_dillenburg.



Uma instância com moderação ativa e foco em pessoas queer/LGBTQIAPN+ que falam português. Saiba mais em!

Qualquer pessoa pode criar uma conta, independentemente de orientação, gênero, relação do gênero atribuído ao nascimento com identidade de gênero ou corporalidade. Só não se esqueça de ler nossas regras!

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